We love to work here. So will you!

We want people to thrive at Learningbank; we believe you do your best work, when you feel good and have fun. .

We’re building a strong, diverse team of curious, creative people who want to make the best learning experiences. And we come with different backgrounds and have different roles. We’re learning experts. Psychologists. User experience experts. Designers. Developers. VR designers. Storytellers. Brainstormers. Creators. Dreamers. Explorers. Geeks. Hipsters. Leaders. Futurists. Strategists. Visionaries. Question askers.


Ann-Katrine Schepler

“As a Learningbanker, I can live out my dreams of implementing learning in large Danish organizations. We have a flat structure, and the only limit of which projects we get involved in are your own ambitions.”

Thorsten Iversen

“To me, the job is super rewarding - both professional and personal. The collaboration in the team is characterized by professional pride and amazing creative processes. And it is definitely a plus that we have some of Denmark's largest and most ambitious companies as customers."