Preboarding gives new employees a stronger sense of belonging to Arbejdernes Landsbank

Accelerate the preboarding process

You probably remember how it was to sign your employment
contract. Maybe you were relieved, happy, sad, or something else?
A feeling you probably did experience: You were excited to begin
your new job.

But was that feeling enough to create a strong connection between
you and the new workplace? Probably not and that was one of the
reasons for Arbejdernes Landsbank to begin researching the
possibility to develop a preboarding process for new colleagues.

“We would really like to accelerate the process for new colleagues,
so they more quickly get a sense of belonging and an understanding of the AL culture,” says Martin Wonsild Bastrup, HR Consultant at
Arbejdernes Landsbank.

Created with Sketch. “There were some really great meetings in which we were involved and listened to throughout the process. So, I think that it has worked really well – also when you look at the result, there have been some really fun gimmicks while you learn about the bank,” says Martin Wonsild Bastrup.

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