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Arbejdernes Landsbank
How does Arbejdernes Landsbank ensure that new employees get a faster sense of belonging and understanding of the culture? Read about their new preboarding process, that among other things consists of a learning game - and the pursuit of the code of the bank box.
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Group of people watching video on the mobile phone
Big Mac, McFeast and Chicken McNuggets. Most people know the classics on McDonald's menu. We do not know, that the employee experience often starts when a person is a hungry guest in the restaurant and not yet an employee.
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7-Eleven saves time and money with an interactive learning game

"Usually, only one or two employees are at work and therefore it is difficult to pull employees out of the plan for courses during working hours." But with digital learning, the learning is available 24-7. There is focus on feedback, concentration, and interaction.

Better for the customer experience and the bottom line: The learning platform increase the value of the services at EPO

EPO discovered that traditional courses weren't enough and they could stretch the learning in new ways. They use our learning platform to increase the customers' output of the training.

New standards for e-learning at Nespresso with gamification

Nespresso combines training activities – also called blended learning. The latest is gamified learning, which is used to update product knowledge – but also to give new employees insights into the products in their onboarding process.

Workout for the brain

Fitness World works with their core values in a new digital way that targets employees in more than 150 gyms all over Denmark: An approach that incorporates values in onboarding and skill development.

Onboarding & Omnichannel on the same page

In less than a year, CHANGE has launched a webshop, ERP system, and new digital learning & onboarding. The retail chain has questioned every aspect to set the direction. This has led to an ambitious focus on competence development.

Hits the target group with new ways of training

Young employees fight against bacterias in an exciting learning game that focuses on one of the most important topics in McDonald's: Food Safety. They play. They learn. They grow.
Danske Bank trains the employees in negotiating to ensure they create value for both the bank and their business customers. It is not just a question of new knowledge but also new behavior.
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From chaos to better communication

It’s not easy to implement and anchor new initiatives. But a cloud-based solution can be a valuable tool to optimize and streamline competencies. And train 700 employees in commas, letter writing, and better communication.

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"Learningbank is without a doubt the most modern creator of digital learning I have come across so far. It’s simply in a league of its own. The team challenges you in regard to style and method and brings you the newest trends within digital learning. I will definitely recommend others to take a look at Learningbank when it comes to digital learning. There just isn’t something similar on the market."
Rasmus Vilhelmsen
"It's the first time I've been introduced to digital learning I really believe in. Furthermore, the team is super inspiring and competent. A real pleasure to work with them!"
Tina Brix Kjelgaard
“Learningbank in short: It’s a truly inspiring and professional team which creates state of the art learning modules.”
Marc B. Wälti
”Now we have fantastic and vibrant content in four languages in the highest quality which through Learningbank hit the target group directly.” 
Marianne Lykke Nielsen
“At McDonald’s, we have a motto: ‘Be bold!’ This means having the courage to stand out and find new and better ways of doing things. I believe we have done this here. This is definitely the most modern example of digital learning I have come across yet.”
Thorbjørn Milling
”Our managers and team leaders in Customer Channels have significantly improved their communication and management skills as well as presentation techniques – thanks to a tailored training program in Learningbank with a combination of online learning and face to face training.”
Michael Rylander