Danske Bank

When 3 employees are able to change the behavior of 1500 colleagues

Senior Business Consultant & Project Manager Marianne Lykke Nielsen lets us in on how Danske Bank seeks to empower its employees – enabling them to negotiate solutions that generate value for the bank as well as for the corporate clients. It is not so much a question of gaining theoretical knowledge. Rather it has to do with learning new behaviors.

The business unit serving corporate clients in Danske Bank is quite a large organization in itself – with 1500 employees and an annual turnover of 2 billion DKK. Nevertheless, this is exactly the organization, which Marianne Lykke Nielsen and her small team are expected to affect and influence. This team is called ‘Aim High’ and consists of three employees. They are a kind of internal ‘pioneers’ of the change process that started in Danske Bank when they had to reorganize after the financial crisis that swept across the world in 2008 and caused massive changes, customer defections, and several other challenges as a result.

Created with Sketch. ” ’Aim High’ stands for being ambitious and having the courage to change. When Danske Bank lost a lot of its customers in 2008, we came from a self-perception that the bank was ‘untouchable’. But the world changes. And so should we,” says Marianne.

We want to ensure a consistent customer experience across the countries

”Aim High ensures a coherent strategic change process and helps four countries follow the same principles to create one consistent Nordic customer experience. Therefore, it is very convenient that the training has become digital and thus scalable via Learningbank, “explains Marianne.
The goal of learning: Strong negotiating skills and ‘soft skills’

The employees have to train their skills in ‘strategic customer dialogue’ which include negotiation. Do you want to know more about how Danske Bank is accomplishing its learning goals? You can download the complete case below.

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