Say goodbye to boring learning

How much do you remember from your last course or e-learning?

Traditional learning and e-learning are typically ineffective, boring, and having troubles anchoring knowledge. The reason is that the way we want to learn has changed. The modern employees interact with the world’s best apps, websites, and games in their spare time. They are deliberate media users, who cannot be reduced to observers. Learning must not only inform – it must also involve and be relevant, accessible when the need is there, and produce a measurable effect. If it is fun as well, no harm is done.


Interactive, digital learning with you in center


Learning design and workshops

We are specialists in creating engaging learning experiences from a total learning course to single modules or virtual reality simulations. We work together to meet your vision.


Digital learning & learning games

We design engaging learning content and learning games to realize your learning goals. Your employees remember the best when playing to gain new knowledge or being involved with interactive learning modules.


PLUG´N´PLAY learning games

To get started quickly, we offer a number of flexible and focused learning games, within popular topics as for example GDPR, which can be customized to the specific company. High-quality design and content, ready to use in your LMS or on the Learningbank platform.


Virtual Reality training

We create an interaction between learning and practice with realistic VR universes and training. Your employees can get fully involved in the learning universe – and in that way gain experience.

Our approach to learning

We are an experienced team with a strong theoretic basis and a practice-oriented approach when developing digital learning. Our mantra is to convert the view of the typical user on e-learning from “I have to” to “I want to”. This is achieved by adding elements from gamification and making learning what it should be – inspiring, entertaining, engaging, and personal.

Passionated experts who refuse to create boring learning

Our strength is the diversity of the team. We have different backgrounds, starting from organizational learning and IT candidates to psychologists, learning designers, and user experience experts. Together, we create the digital learning of the future.

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