Digital learning & games

At Learningbank, we refuse to create boring and standardized e-learning, which is why we are specialized in gamification and experience-based digital learning. And with good reason, as it impacts almost all parameters in a positive way.

Our team of learning experts is ready to develop engaging and relevant learning content that simply works. We design everything, starting from simple, digital learning modules to innovative learning universes and ground-breaking, interactive learning games.

You get an ambitious and experienced team with a strong theoretic basis and a practice-oriented approach when developing digital learning. Our mantra is to convert the view of the typical user on e-learning from “I have to” to “I want to”. We achieve this by adding elements such as gamification and making learning what it should be – inspiring, entertaining, engaging, and personal.

Make a good impression

Digital learning, e-learning… Whatever you want to call it, most of it is boring and ineffective. The reason is that many people often develop e-learning without having the user in mind, and instead focusing on informing rather than involving. That is foolish because by involving people they actually learn.

We learn when trying something, when failing, when receiving feedback, when practicing. We learn from the experiences we make. An employee visiting a lecture today remembers only 15 percent tomorrow. And that is what we can do better with engaging, digital learning.

Our approach guarantees the success

The digital learning team involves you in every step of the development process and guides you through the procedure. You get introduced to the early versions in the development phase before we deliver the final product, so you take part from beginning to end, and you can provide feedback.

We work according to a flexible model when producing content for digital learning. The model represents a major plan for the production of digital learning, and of course, it is supported by more detailed production plans, creative idea processes, and repeated reviews. With us, you can feel safe. We have an experienced team, which is helping thousands of employees improving their key competencies in a busy everyday life in some of Denmark’s leading companies.

3 good reasons for using gamification in your learning

80 % more employees complete their training

80 % more employees complete their training

84 % have noted a rise in user satisfaction

84 % have noted a rise in user satisfaction

71 % achieve better test results

71 % achieve better test results

What do you need?

We build digital learning with interactive elements from beginning to end. This puts the employees in situations, in which they must make decisions and think critically. That gives them the possibility to learn from mistakes and feedback. Furthermore, it makes the learning relevant to the employees by helping them see the actual context of the learning – in their everyday life. Depending on your ambitions and needs, we can produce:

  • Tailored, digital learning games
  • Videos & animation films
  • Interactive, digital learning
  • Simple, digital learning modules