Learning Design and Workshops

Our mission is to create learning experiences ensuring the learning process in the organization, increasing the anchoring, engaging the employees, and having a measurable effect. All of this starts with a tailored, realistic, and ambitious learning strategy with room for rethinking the learning journey of the employees.

Sometimes it is good to have someone externally take a look at the learning in the company. It strengthens companies when getting a “health check” of the learning process. Based on a workshop, we develop a structured plan for your employees, to make sure that you and the employees benefit as much as possible from the time spent on learning and training.

Nothing is left to chance! We put together the team of learning experts, fitting the needs and challenges of the company in the best possible way. We guarantee a team with lots of experience, with the best people in their field focused on creating results.

Get direct access to our learning experts

Together, we can create a visionary, but achievable learning strategy for you to onboard and develop the employees in the best possible way. The strength of the team is especially the diversity; we have different backgrounds, starting from organizational learning and IT candidates to psychologists, learning designers, and user experience experts.

A workshop focusing on you

To create the perfect solution for you, we need to understand your world. Together, we identify your challenges, ambitions, the motivation of the users, etc. A creative workshop is the most effective, personal, and idea-generating way to kickstart a project. With the workshop as a foundation, we develop a profitable learning design for you to achieve the best learning results.