Plug´n´Play Learning games

Flexible and engaging digital learning at a price you will love. At Learningbank you can get a ready-made and thoroughly tested learning modules of the highest quality within different subjects that are ready for your employees in a short time. They are adapted to your logo, colors, and brand identity.

Our ready-to-play learning modules combine gamification, storytelling, realistic scenarios, and results-driven content that engage the employees and ensure the learning outcome. The modules aim at that employees in different industries gain the knowledge or behavior necessary for a variety of positions and at different companies.

Shortcut to result-oriented learning experiences

It is resource-demanding to create rewarding learning modules, which is why we offer a shortcut to digital learning within certain areas that affect many companies and industries.

  • Flexible and thoroughly tested learning paths
  • Learning across devices
  • World class learning content
  • Continuous updating of learning content

Interactive learning games


Learning game about IT security


Learning game for anti-corruption


Learning game for GDPR training


Learning game for DISC training


IT security

Cybercrime is increasing more and more, and your company’s data is sought-after among cyber criminals. The biggest hurdle when it comes to IT security is your employees’ behavior – so it’s not enough to just install an anti-virus program or another software.

Get your employees to learn about IT security so that they know which pitfalls they should be aware of and how they can avoid being a victim of cybercrime.

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Avoid mistakes

Cyber criminals go directly after the employees, which is why they need to watch their every step. The biggest safety problems come from the employees’ behavior.

Put an end to boring learning

A 25 minutes learning game that is involving, informative, and fun for the employees, while it’s effective and preventative for your company.

Strong in IT security

The employee gains knowledge about how to create strong passwords, assess scam calls, e-mails, and websites, evaluate the safety of data and equipment, and how to react in case of a successful cyberattack.



It can be difficult to keep control of the grey areas and what is correct when it comes to corruption. Is it, for instance, all right to receive a gift from a vendor or to help a friend get a business deal with your workplace?

Make your employees equipped to act responsibly, and so they know what to do if they experience bribery, facilitating payment, embezzlement, nepotism, or conflicts of interest with the help of our Anti-corruption learning game.

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A wake-up call

You can create a basic awareness about grey areas and give the employee a wake-up call.

Rewarding training

An interactive learning game is the most engaging and motivating way to train.

The new knowledge

Your employees get insight into bribery, facilitating payment, embezzlement, nepotism, or conflicts of interest.



Do you employees still not have a good grip of the new GDPR rules? How can they store sensitive information correctly or the importance of locking their computer when they are not at their desk? You can turn to us for help.

Our plug ‘n’ play GDPR learning game trains your employees in realistic situations, so they learn how to solve possible GDPR challenges in the best way possible.

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Avoid big mistakes

80 % of the mistakes are due to human errors. That’s why it is important that the employees are well-equipped to comply with the GDPR requirements.

Smarter with games

Our brains are 68 % more active when we are doing something that we like. At the same time, the learning game requires less time and is more flexible than classroom training.

The users love it

“I have just completed the GDPR game, and I would like to praise it. It’s a really great and fun way to get everyone on board with the GDPR challenges, big or small.”


DISC communication

Are your managers missing an engaging and involving way to train and repeat DISC as a management tool? That can be over with the help of our add-on learning game to the DISC training.

The focus is on tasks and dilemmas from concrete management disciplines such as delegating, collaboration with others, motivation, and employee development. But there is also room for exploring your own hypotheses and feel your way – always with adapted and elaborated feedback.

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A step deeper

To “switch on” what the manager has learned after having received his/her DISC Management report.

Get more out of the DISC course

The manager can go back and repeat the material without having to spend a lot of resources on external consultants.

Developed by experts

Learningbank’s learning specialists, psychologists, UX experts, and designers have in collaboration with the market-leading experts from DISCnordic and Carlsberg developed the DISC Management game.


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