A ready-to-use learning game for anti-corruption

New learning game is out!

Learningbank’s new learning game Anti-corruption is developed in collaboration with Coop Danmark and their lawyers. But now every company can benefit from the engaging anti-corruption-plug ‘n’ play-learning module. The game is flexible in regard to design and content so that it can be adapted to all businesses.

A lot of learning in a short period of time

The learning game combines game mechanics, engaging storytelling and result-oriented learning content in 15 minutes of digital learning that ensures that the employees will gain an insight into bribery, facilitating payment, embezzlement, nepotism, conflicts of interest, etc.

Your employees will be proper prepared

There are many grey areas. That’s why we have developed a game that works as a wake-up call and creates awareness so the employees in the future can tell right from wrong. It gets easier for the individual employee to identify pitfalls and navigate around.

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