Virtual Reality training

With a VR learning universe, you can combine theory and practice. In other words, you can link knowledge with hands-on experience. Your employees can literally step into a learning universe, which they can identify themselves with, and where they can experience realistic situations, and thereby gain new skills.

We help organizations create VR universes, which are tailored to the needs and purpose of the individual. For instance onboarding, lab training, service training, etc.

VR transforms the learning experience

Virtual Reality is a sophisticated technology using realistic pictures, sounds, and the like for simulating a real environment. Even though the environment experienced by the user is a simulation of reality, the learning effect is still real.

The user is able to interact and is fully involved in the interactive, digital training, which strengthens the learning experience and the learning results. All it takes is a pair of VR-glasses, and then the user’s eyes can form real 3D (three-dimensional) pictures and move around in a realistic learning universe.

Better anchoring of the learning

Virtual Reality gives some benefits related to learning. Often, we talk about retention in relation to learning, because us adults do not remember as well as we used to. An employee attending a course today – actually only remembers 15 percent of the course tomorrow.

VR has an enormous potential to increase the retention of the learned material: the memory capability of the employee when learning through VR is up to 75 percent higher compared with e.g. a lecture. The reason for this is that the experience of a phenomenon or the simulation of a phenomenon creates deep learning. The higher the degree of involvement, the more we learn.


New employee onboarding in Coop

With virtual reality training, Coop puts new employees in situations where they have to make decisions and think about their behavior in an everyday context. It allows new employees to learn about customer service and typical tasks in a safe environment.