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New learning game!

Floor after floor in the office building, the manager faces challenges that have to be solved based on the knowledge of our differences as people. Through storytelling the user is involved in the learning universe where the focus is on typical management disciplines as delegation, collaboration with other managers, motivation, and employee development. But there is also room for exploring one’s own hypotheses and feel one’s way – always with adapted and elaborated feedback.

Why use a learning game for DISC training?

  • To “switch on” what the manager learns after having received his or her DISC Management report.
  • To turn the first sod even deeper than assessment and report and prepare to use it in the workday.
  • Because the interactive learning game is the most engaging and motivating way to train DISC before you involve other people.
  • For returnees to repeat the material without having to spend a lot of resources on external consultants.


  • Close collaboration with DISCnordic and Carlsberg’s management training.
  • Developed for managers and management groups that train DISC as a management tool.
  • The game works best as an add-on to managers who have completed DISC Management assessment.

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