Engaging GDPR training on all devices

80 % of the violations are due to human factors

The employees represent the biggest risk for violating the new GDPR regulation. Therefore, it is important that the employees get a deep insight into the responsibilities – and an understanding of the GDPR.

We have digitized GDPR learning to train your employees more quickly and efficiently in processes/routines related to GDPR and provide them with hands-on experience.

GDPR learning – as you have never seen it before

A digital GDPR solution that enables you to document training concerning GDPR and incorporate the training in future onboarding processes. We offer two different solutions to fit your needs, ambitions, and resources.

25 minutes bite-sized learning game on your own platform.

A complete solution for GDPR training with the GDPR Awareness training modules and our digital learning platform. Ready in 14 days!

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A ready to use learning game for your GDPR training

Learningbank’s learning game, GDPR Awareness, is developed in cooperation with legal experts and Topdanmark. The learning game combines gaming mechanics, involving storytelling and result-oriented learning content.

GDPR Awareness consists of 25 minutes of bite-sized learning, ensuring that employees get well equipped for abiding by the personal data regulation:

  • Target group: All employees who may encounter personal data
  • We involve rather than just informing
  • Focus on exercises and concrete everyday situations
  • Sharpens the ability to reflect – “common sense” rather than paragraphs
  • Quickly acquire basic knowledge about GDPR (versus physical seminars)
  • Documented training (compliance)

The 3 steps in the GDPR learning game

The opening module sharpens the user's motivation to understand and follow the regulations. The user gets a general knowledge of GDPR; what personal data includes, why it is relevant, and what consequences even small errors can cause. The user gets an insight into why it is important to understand and comply with GDPR.
The next step gives insight into the logic behind GDPR. The module transforms the EU/policy sphere into understandable everyday scenarios, where we "just" have to use our common sense when we work with personal data.
The final module consists of eight exercises, based on everyday situations where the user must apply new knowledge and use common sense to solve the challenges. The module works as a springboard for practice; it encourages the user to reflect and identify coherence.

A complete solution for digital learning in GDPR

The complete solution for GDPR training with the GDPR Awareness training module and our digital learning platform.

1. GDPR learning module consisting of three modules:
A video from the company, GDPR learning game, and a “brush-up Jeopardy”.

2. Learningbank’s learning platform with:

  • Learner dashboard
  • Whitelabel (customized to your brand)
  • Analytics and benchmark
  • Possibility of SMS reminders

3. Awareness kit consisting of print files for t-shirts, mousepads, posters, etc.


Let's give your employees a nudge in the right direction together

I would like to show you our GDPR learning game and our learning platform. You can also hear more about the stories of success, we already have with other clients who are using the GDPR game. In addition, I can help you get an overview of the opportunities and challenges of GDPR training in your organization, so you’ll be on track by 25 May.

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