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Cybercriminals are going directly after the employees

IT security is more about mindset and behavior than it is about computers and anti-viruses. Did you know that up to 80% of all IT security breaches are caused by human errors where the employees, e.g., forget to protect their computers with passwords or click on a suspicious e-mail?

It is vital that employees are prepared to perform strong IT self-defense. Especially because up to 70% of all employees feel unsure about how they protect themselves and the company from hacker attacks and viruses.

This is why we in Learningbank have developed a simple, engaging, and effective way to tray IT self-defense. The employees play to learn the most important IT self-defense skills for maximum protection.

Keep the employees on their toes

In order to keep the employees on their toes afterward, the learning is coming drop by drop in the form of nano-learning modules, so the employees are constantly challenged to train their IT self-defense through targeted learning bites, which are adapted to their needs and context.

Join top secret training camp

The cyber police’s special forces take your employees to their secret training facilities high up in an abandoned mountain range. Now the employees have to train IT self-defense, which consists of four principals: Strong passwords, reality checks, securing of data and devices, and to seek help when things go wrong. In the end, their new knowledge is tested in the arena when they face opponents like Device-Dina, Internet-Igor, E-mail-Eric, and Emergency-Eve, who are hardcore cybercriminals. They are also being tested in an IT emergency situation.

The basic principles of IT self-defense are substantiated by small learning bites, called nano-learnings, which are involving, informative, and entertaining for the employees, while it’s effective and preventative for your company.

The best digital learning

When your employees play to get the black belt in IT security, it is based on learning content developed by psychologists and learning specialists from Learningbank and security experts from Open Systems. Together with learning designers, a learning universe has been created, which in the best possible way can support the content, anchor the learning, and secure the value of the training.

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