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IT criminals go directly after employees

Cyber-attacks knock on the door more and more frequently at big and small companies across the world. The treat has gotten bigger as the increasing digitalization, and at the same time, your company’s data is worth far more than ever before.

Your company is no stronger than its weakest link. That’s why it’s important to identify the company’s weaknesses both in regard to the technical setup and also in regard to the employees’ behavior and daily use. The biggest safety problems actually stem from the employees’ behavior.

Top secret cyber training camp

The cyber police’s task force takes your employees to their secret training area high up in an abandoned mountain range. Now the employee will learn cyber self-defense which consists of four principals: strong passwords, reality check, protection of data and devices, and to seek help if it’s gone wrong. In the end, their new knowledge is tested in the fighting arena when they have to meet enemies like Device-Dina, Internet-Igor, E-mail-Eric, and Emergency-Eve who are hard-core cybercriminals.

The best learning experience

When your employees play to get the black belt in IT security, it’s based on learning content that is developed by psychologists, learning specialists and security experts from Open Systems. Together with learning designers, a learning universe has been created that can support the content, anchor the knowledge, and ensure the value of the training in the best possible way.

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