Employee Experience at McDonald's

Big Mac, McFeast and Chicken McNuggets. Most people know the classics on McDonald’s’ menu. And it is often already as a guest, hungry and lingering in front of the counter that you can see yourself as a potential employee on the other side.

Created with Sketch. “Our Employee Experience at McDonald’s already begins when you meet us as a guest. The ones who apply for a job with us are usually also guests at the restaurant,“ says Katrine Schelbli, Senior HR Consultant at McDonald’s Denmark.

When a person then has applied and gotten the job, then all contact with McDonald’s afterward is also a part of their EX. It is about e.g. their internal development and education program, which they receive after three months – but also when they decide that they no longer want to be employed.

”All former employees at McDonald’s will still work as ambassadors from McDonald’s, who potentially can attract new employees,” says Katrine Schelbli.

Effective onboarding from the beginning

The onboarding is an important part, and it’s what takes up most for
McDonald’s if you focus on a positive EX. ”Our experience shows that the more capable we are at taking care of the employees, the faster they will become effective and happy with the job,” says Katrine Schelbli and elaborates:

“If new employees quit within 6-9 months, then it is usually because the onboarding has not been good enough. This is something we can see based on the exit interviews we have with the employees before they leave McDonald’s.”

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