The next generation of learning platforms

Our learning platform actually does everything a regular LMS does, but it also offers much more flexibility and modern features. And the employees get a super-hot and engaging learner interface. That’s why we’re loved by learners and administrators.

All the features you need to build better learning experiences

Our platform generates real results because it is designed with the users in mind. It is built by learning experts to engage your employees – with a dashboard that reflects your company brand, user-friendly navigation, and cool features.

Learner Interface

A user-friendly and personal dashboard that reflects your company brand.


Manage all learning activities in an easy-to-use platform that is built for the users.

Content creation & training

Create the best digital learning experiences with the modern tools in the platform.

Analytics & reporting

Document results and make better decisions with data.

Security & integrations

Get a secure learning platform where data is safe and synchronized.

Customer Success & Support

A direct line to Learningbank and our team of learning experts.

The platform that empowers the employees

Use the platform to gather all your learning activities in one place. The training will always be available – from the moment the employees need it and on any device. We have built one of the most flexible solutions in the industry to meet the needs of organizations and employees.

Pre- & onboard new employees faster
Transform a newbie to a productive colleague with your own digital onboarding universe
Match the learning to a busy workday
Your employees can train their skills anywhere they want with mobile and Bite-sized learning
Mix up online and offline learning activities
Use the platform to blended learning – assign digital and physical courses to the employees
Reduce the risks with compliance training
Deliver effective training and create records to demonstrate your firm’s compliance

Enterprise Ready

Learningbank’s multilingual platform enables you to create a fully branded learning universe that works for your organization and training needs. Our flexibility and scalability enable us to support many thousands of employees.

Flexibility for all kind of organizations

Our flexible Organization and Group structure make it easy to accommodate a simple hierarchy or a sophisticated structure under your control. You get the ability to target learning activities and reports to whomever you see fit, and for you to control exactly what they see based on their team, role or reporting line.

Automation & integrations to save time

We have built our platform to help administrators save time. Features like mass actions, automated communication, and integrations with HRM & CRM systems that automatically can create users and enroll them in the courses you’ve selected is just some of the ways we help administrators save time daily.

Security and privacy in focus

We utilize Amazon Web Services cloud and use latest security and encryption techniques to ensure your data is safe and compliant with all appropriate legislation. That’s why we are the trusted supplier to numerous banks and multinational corporations.


Create engaging learning experiences