Learning and development are on the agenda in modern, ambitious organizations. The key to creating growth is competent and innovative employees. At the same time, employee development is also crucial for motivation, productivity, and retention. Organizations have to ensure the entire learning journey in the modern world.

In Learningbank, we focus on digital learning solutions that strengthen your employees even before their first day and throughout their career in the organization. Join the many other organizations that have already chosen to digitize and improve learning with help from Learningbank. We also have a solution for you!


First impressions counts! It all begins when a new employee signs the contract - so should the introduction of the company.


An effective onboarding process improves productivity, increases the retention of talents, and ensures that new employees are motivated from the first day.

Product training

Employees gain product knowledge faster with a digital solution for product training. And the company can incorporate the training in future onboarding.

GDPR & Compliance

80 % of compliance violations are caused by human factors. Avoid your employees fail to comply the GDPR with engaging training that works.

Learning Management

Most employees dream about smart and user-friendly systems at work. Now, you can finally give them a learning platform, that is designed for the users.

Digital & gamified learning

Employees should not only be informed, they must be involved to learn and remember what they learn. Our learning specialists create engaging learning experiences in all digital shapes.