Software & learning content for effective onboarding of new employees

There are 500,000 good reasons to focus on onboarding, as the costs of losing a full-time permanent employee are approximately 500,000 Danish kroner, because of decreasing productivity, recruiting costs, etc. With effective and structured onboarding, companies increase the chance that new talents stay in the company longer than three years by 58 percent!

Use digital onboarding to get the best results out of the first time

Starting a new job is a time with big expectations for both new employees and the company. The onboarding process is about fulfilling these expectations. However, many onboarding courses fail by using a boring material, heavy information and by having an unstructured process.

We create effective learning universes, which reflect the company, engage the employees, and anchor the learning. Thereby, your new employees become more productive and more engaged in the company through structured digital onboarding.

With Learningbank, you can:

  • Engage new employees before the first day at work
  • Reduce onboarding time
  • Retain employees for a longer time
  • Automate onboarding and administrative processes
  • Train wherever and whenever

How can we help you with onboarding?

The first weeks are demanding for new employees faced with a large amount of new knowledge, new systems, and many new faces. Maintaining their attention is difficult, and therefore, we have designed our solution to face common challenges in the start-up phase.

Get the right foundation for your onboarding

Get help from our experts creating an effective onboarding strategy. With a workshop as the starting point, we develop a structured plan for your onboarding, securing that you and the new employee get the best results from the time spent on onboarding.

Customized, digital learning content from our experts

Our team of learning experts is ready to develop engaging and relevant learning content that strengthen the results of learning! We design anything from simple e-learning modules to interactive learning games and virtual reality training.

Intelligent software for effective onboarding

With our platform, you get a user-friendly tool for easily creating inspiring, digital experiences for onboarding. The learning platform allows you to quickly create, share, administrate, and follow up on the onboarding.


Get more out of your budget with Best Practice

Best Practice Pre -& Onboarding is a concept that is created on the basis of our experience and knowledge from a lot of previous onboarding projects. We combine a tested process with "high-end" interactive learning modules and our user-friendly learning platform.

With Best Practice as the base for your preboarding or onboarding process, we can spend less time on programming and more time on design, content and the actual learning.

Download our product brochure and read more about our preboarding and onboarding concept.

Get all the benefits today

The first meeting and the first creative, strategic sparring with our experts are not only free and completely non-committable – they are also inspiring and an opportunity to discover the endless possibilities.