Get them onboard before their first day at work

Why wait until the first day at work? Often, a communication gap occurs between the employee signing the contract and starting the actual work. That period of time is a great possibility to introduce the new employees to the company, as well as to align their expectations and prepare them for their new job.

Why focus on preboarding?

With preboarding, you can welcome new employees and introduce them to the company during the waiting time. The new employee gets a solid foundation with insight into the company as well as the working processes. The company minimizes the time until new employees become effective employees. And thereby, you ensure that the recruiting will not fail.

  • 4 % never show up on the first day at work
  • During the first week, 1/3 of new employees decide if they want to stay in the company
  • 22 % stop within 45 days
  • 25 % of all employees stop within 12 months

How can we help you?

We help you with different tools for preboarding, enabling you to quickly and effectively introduce new employees to the company with an engaging preboarding course. We offer three solutions, so there is for sure a solution fitting your needs, ambitions, and resources.


If you want a simple solution to create a preboarding course easily. You will receive our digital learning platform for building preboarding courses fitting your company.


Get ready in 30 days!
A total solution for preboarding with learning content and a digital platform.


Get a customized, digital preboarding solution with a complete preboarding universe build from scratch by our learning experts.


Get more out of your budget with Best Practice

Best Practice Pre- & Onboarding is a concept that is created on the basis of our experience and knowledge from a lot of previous onboarding projects. We combine a tested process with "high-end" interactive learning modules and our user-friendly learning platform.

With Best Practice as the base for your preboarding or onboarding process, we can spend less time on programming and more time on design, content and the actual learning.

Download our product brochure and read more about our preboarding and onboarding concept.

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