Strengthen the sales results and customer service with digital product training

Every year, companies use billions on product training, sales training and service training. However, almost 90 percent of the training programs do not have a long-term effect. We strengthen the engagement of the employees and the anchoring of product knowledge, by adding elements such as storytelling and gamification, as well as mind-blowing visual content.

How can we support your product training?

We have different solutions depending on your needs, ambitions, and resources. Having a hard time choosing one solution? You can always combine our solutions and get exactly what you need.

Learning content production

With customized, digital learning content both the company and the employees gain more from the time spent on the training. Our team of experts is ready to develop engaging and relevant training, which generate results. We design everything from simple, digital learning modules to interactive learning games and Virtual Reality training.

Share training modules and follow up with our learning platform

With the Learningbank learning platform, you can easily create, administrate, update, share, and follow up on product training. For example, you can create and automate a learning course for new employees, ensuring them detailed knowledge of the company’s products. The employees have it all served on a nice and user-friendly platform for smartphones and tablets, too.

Get more out of your budget

Use your budget for the things that give the best effect, a higher engagement, and a better anchoring.

No boring learning

We create unique learning universes and uses gamification to make engaging experiences for your employees.

On time & within the budget

The project will be within the proposed time frame, and there will be no surprises to the budget.

Sleep tight at night

Our solutions are thoroughly tested, and our solid learning platform is built on UX techniques and the latest technology.

100% customized to your brand

The solution will be customized with your logo, colors, and of course your learning content.

Our support team is here for you

Our support team has a satisfaction rate of 100 percent, and 55 percent of all requests are answered within one hour. And you get help from a learning specialist — not a student worker.

Let’s create the best product training for your employees together

It might seem a little strange to approach us if you do not have a solution in mind, but that’s actually the best time to talk to us. Together, we can then find the solution fitting your ambitions, needs, and resources in the best way.